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Melanie. San Diego, CA

My dog Charlie has had leash aggression towards other dogs, motorcycles, skateboards, and other kinds of noise type triggers. He is about 8 years old and I have tried so many training programs and nothing seems to stick. We started working with Heather about a week ago and he has made more progress than I have seen his entire life! Heather has a very unique approach- she has literally studied him to try to understand what he is trying to communicate when he reacts. We're planning to continue to work with Heather and I am so excited to learn more. Charlie absolutely adores her. I am beyond grateful for her and this program. Thank you Heather!!


Beth. Orlando, FL

Each session builds on the one before reinforcing the previous practice skill setting up the boys for success. A time out spot - genius!! Tamara is a magician.


Matt & Sara. Orlando, FL

Heather is fantastic! She has helped us so much with our rescue dog. We can’t believe the difference after just a few short weeks


Nestor & Amber. Orlando, FL

We loved using techpawlogy. Heather was wonderful to have as our trainer. I really feel like I walked away with tons of tools to continue using and feel much more confident working with my dog.


Erin.  Orlando, FL

Heather was amazing with our pup and our family. When we first started rocky was about 6 months old. He was a sweet dog but very high energy, borderline reactive, and had zero boundaries. We couldn’t even eat dinner at the table (without him jumping on the table and stealing food). Heather not only worked with him but she really helped us understand how to communicate and work with him ourselves. It’s still a work in progress but I can confidently say that we have a much happier, more confident dog. He even lays down and we can eat in peace! 100% recommend Heather and her team. Very professional and she really cares about what she does.


Melissa. Orlando, FL

Heather is teaching us behaviors to look for in various situations. She is extremely knowledgeable and cares a lot about not only the dogs but the family she works with.


Jana. Orlando, FL

Tamara was very patient with Zoey—she is learning not to treat guard and make a better response to meeting new dogs. I’m looking forward to some awesome training!


JoAnn & Jeff. Orlando, FL

The entire traiming experience was excellelnt. Heather understands dogs so well. She know how they think, their triggers, whether it be a dog that is high energy . Or one that has fear issues and may bite.. Heather gave us the tools we need to keep our dogs happy and safe.I will definitely refer Techpawlogy to my family and friends. Thank you for being so patient with us. I learned it is not only the dog that needs to be trained. But also the owner as well.


Kelly & Jason. Orlando, FL

Heather and Tamara are amazing! What a difference with our pups! So grateful!


Daniel & Megan. Orlando, FL

Understanding your dog is so important. Knowing their mindset, what they need, and how they perceive things is so important to changing a behavior or having them know what you expect of them. Thank you for getting us to that level of understanding where we can now really help our dogs co exist in our life. Heather helped us get to such a good point where we have eliminated or know the methods necessary over time to remove unwanted behaviors and co exist in a healthy and positive way. Thank you!


Alina & Jackson. Orlando, FL

We absolutely LOVED this service. My cat Bon Bon had a lot of fun as well- we worked with clicker training and I can definitely say that our trainer was patient and so kind. We loved every minute!


Leoh & Stephany. Orlando,FL

Heather is fantastic! Our little guy Archie has learned so much just after 2 sessions. We have seen amazing improvements as Heather has been teaching us the tools we need to communicate and create a "language" with Archie. Looking forward to the weeks to come!


Eric & Chris. Orlando, FL

Heather Fox is no doubt a dog whisperer, but as importantly a great owner teacher. I think that I am prepared to take what I learned and continue to move my training forward.


Cheryl & Briand. Orlando, FL

Fantastic! Love the way Heather teaches! She is kind and compassionate, both to the dogs and their owners. I feel like I am learning as much as my 2 dogs are. They are always excited to see her and are very willing to work with her. Our "homework" is even more of a bonding experience between me and my 2 dogs. Excellent! Highly recommended.


Monica. Orlando, FL

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Heather is amazing. She is equally great at training dogs and their owners. She has a calming, positive way of teaching. Today was our last session and we will miss her (dogs and the owners).

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