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Welcome to Techpaw!

The Techpaw Program


Here at Techpawlogy we use the most up-to-date scientific methods based on both respondent conditioning (subconscious learning) and operant conditioning (conscious learning) and mix it with the most easy to use technology to deliver you the information in a effective, efficient and fun way!


You will learn how to read animals and build a formula of behavior modification through:

● Creating a Language

  •  Simple Behaviors

  • Complex Behaviors

  • Decide on Reinforcers (Treats, play, praise, freedom, etc.)

● Building Boundaries/Consequences

  • Management and Safety

  • Disruptor - Redirector - Removal

  • Decide on Boundaries and Consequences

● Creating a  System

  • Guidlines

  •  Domino Effect

  • Energy Expenditures


You will have a skillset for a lifetime with continuous support through Techpawlogy's community and resources. Instead of memorizing "tricks" you will learn animal behavior and be able to apply it regardless of the situation with confidence and ease. We also make it simple and fun!


From every stage of your pet's life, you have support and we can' wait to show you the fascinating world of animal behavior; connecting you to your pet through science and technology. 

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