Criteria is all four paws and rear on the ground


  • Guide lure low overhead until they look upland sit their butt back into a sit

  • Mark when rear hits floor

  • Reinforce within 1-3 seconds

  • When to move on? 85% success


  • After 85% accuracy, pair with hand signal and verbal command

  • Hand signal is more important than verbal

  • Transition to guiding with the signal hand and treating with the other hand


  • Ask for “sit” using verbal and visual cue together

  • Wait 15 seconds and reinforce when criteria is met

  • If dog is confused or needs “help” you can add minimal guide back in

  • Start testing pup on only verbal and/or only visual.


Potential Difficulties

  • Dog pops up from ground immediately as you are giving reinforcer

  • As soon as dog pops up you withdraw reinforcer and reset behavior

  • Reinforcer is only given with butt on floor

  • Dog bolts or jukes away from you

  • Use leash to limit chase game

  • Dog stares at you unmoving

  • Try taking half a step forward

  • Dog is unsure or dislikes your hand over it’s head

  • Try the Tiger Sit starting from the down position and slowly guiding upward into a sit position