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Litter Box Training

Litter Box Training

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The goal and idea here is to make the whole house, in the cat’s mind, his/her space that he/she would not want to pee or poop in. Cats do not pee or poop where they eat/sleep/live; they have clean instincts. 


Dogs that are not potty trained fall into three categories.

  1. They don’t understand

  2. They don’t agree

  3. It’s complicated


If a cat doesn't understand: We must teach, in order to teach we must have the language and management. 

If they don’t agree: We must find what they do agree with; cats don't respond well to punishment.  


It’s complicated: There are always reasons we don’t think of: Medical, trauma, or another outside factor. These use a different set of rules and tools and are case by case.

Until they understand and agree we will set them up for success.



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